Curved Shower Curtain Rod | Hotel Style


Curved Shower Curtain Rod | Hotel Style

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Curved Shower Curtain Rod | Hotel Style


This 60 inch Curved Shower Curtain Rod is "hotel grade" and may add up to 8 inches of space to your bathtub or shower. Available in either 5 or 6 foot.


Available in Satin or Polished Stainless Steel. 

  • Satin matches Brushed Nickel. 

  • Polished Stainless Steel Matches Chrome.

This Curved Shower Curtain Rod is an excellent hotel grade shower curtain rod that pulls your shower curtain away from the tub, providing your bathtub with a spacious, comfortable feel. This curved shower rod and all of its components are constructed from sturdy material and has a bright chrome finish. Designed to fit in standard 5 foot bath tubs or 6 foot showers or tubs. 


Curved Shower Curtain Rod Features:

  • Available Sizes: 5 foot or 6 foot

  • Mounting post pivot 180 degrees for flexible installation. 

  • Easy care, wipe with a warm, damp cloth. Stainless steel construction. 



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Curved Shower Curtain Rod | Hotel Style


Awesome Customer Service

I deal with a lot of suppliers and you guys are on top of my list after this transaction. Speedy service, great communication and the family atmosphere makes it a no brainer if your tired of the regular supply house ignorance. Thanks again for all your help!

N. Weaver

Product came in a very timely manner but the packaging leaves something to be desired. Thankfully the shower was not damaged. Love the color and it is just as listed in the description. Can't wait to use it.

D. Weseloh
Great Quality

Phone help with Jody was excellent

C. Lynch