ProLine/ShowerLine Drain | QuickFit Spacers


ProLine/ShowerLine Drain | QuickFit Spacers

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ProLine/ShowerLine Drain | QuickFit Spacers


***QuickFit Spacers come FREE only with a RemodelBox™ purchase of a ProLine or ShowerLine Drain Body.  


NOTE: ONLY BUY THIS if you need to buy additional spacers. If you need a spacer over 7/8 inch, Click Here.


What are Spacers?

  • Spacers help fill in the distance from the waterproofing to the top of finished tile (flooring material).


Why are different spacers needed?

  • The Spacer Thickness varies depending on the thickness of your thinset and tile material.  The Spacers are located directly under the Drain Cover / Strainer.

You ONLY need to purchase spacers if your tile + thinset is OVER 7/8 of an inch.  

See Manufacturer's Specification Sheet for more details.  

Drain spacers are used to accommodate varying thickness of tile and thinset of custom tile applications, making your tile choices almost endless!  Your universal design solution to the tiled shower.  Eliminate the curb and use the Proline Drain for a sleek looking and functional shower drain.

TYPICALLY SHIPS SAME DAY | When ordered on Standard Business Days (M-F) before 12PM EST.

QuickFit Spacers are used to hold the drain cover even with the finished floor. Each package contains one base block and enough spacer blocks to adjust the drain cover from ½” to 7/8” above the drain body. However, if you need to raise the top of the cover to a height greater than 7/8” above the top of the drain body, you must use one of the stainless steel spacers found Here

Items needed: QuickDrain USA QuickFit Spacers & PVC Cement 

1. Remove the base spacer and the eight 1/8” spacer inserts from the bag. 

2. Press a base block into the drain body. You can “test fit” the drain cover as you add spacer blocks to the base. 

3. Press one insert on each side to make a “flush/even” height and continue to add and press inserts until you reach the height needed. 

4. Disassemble the spacers and apply PVC Cement to each one as you reassemble into a permanent one-piece spacer to the height needed. 

5. Press the spacers onto the attachment points on the bottom of the drain cover, placing one on each end and spacing them evenly along the length of the cover. 

Should you need further clarification, please contact QuickDrain's Technical Support Team at 866-998-6685 or 970-668-0805.


This product is made to be used with either the ProLine or ShowerLine Drain.

Click Here to view the ProLine Drain.

Click Here to view the ShowerLine Drain. 


Why is ProLine Drain Linear Drain System the BEST?  ProLine DRAIN - KBIS 2009 Best of Competition Gold Winner!

KBIS Honors the Kitchen & Bath Industry's Newest and Most Innovative Products.
ProLine Drain meets;IRC, IPC, and UPC compliance.

ProLine/ShowerLine Drain | QuickFit Spacers


Shipping: TYPICALLY SHIPS 1-2 Business Days - When ordered on Standard Business Days (M-F) before 12PM EST.

  • Expedited Shipping available at Check-out.

  • Ships on standard business days from Denver Colorado. Will Call pick-up is available for Denver Colorado/local customers.

  • Canadian Customers - Please call 877.392.2531 for a custom quote.


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Product came in a very timely manner but the packaging leaves something to be desired. Thankfully the shower was not damaged. Love the color and it is just as listed in the description. Can't wait to use it.

D. Weseloh
Great Quality

Phone help with Jody was excellent

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