ADA Weighted Shower Curtain | for Barrier Free Shower | Vinyl


ADA Weighted Shower Curtain | for Barrier Free Shower | Vinyl

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ADA Weighted Shower Curtain | for Barrier Free Shower | Vinyl


This ADA-Compliant Weighted Shower Curtain is for Barrier Free Showers. It is designed to work with our water stoppers and BARRIER FREE showers.


A regular shower curtain will "blow-out" at the bottom of your shower when you turn your water on. This Weighted Shower Curtain is designed hold the water in the Barrier Free shower and works best when it has a collapsible shower dam to rest against. 


Available for 3 foot, 4 foot, or 5 foot wide showers.  Weighted shower curtains are 72" long. 

This weighted shower curtain heavy duty! It is thicker and stiffer than standard shower curtains. 

  • HEAVY DUTY - Don't settle for sad and flimsy materials! With our extra thick liner, you prevent tears and give ample coverage to last for years! Includes reinforced metal grommets made for easy sliding and durability, all while staying free of rust!

  • ULTIMATE CONVENIENCE - Easy wipe clean to prevent mildew and hard water stains! Perfect design for straight or curved rods - Easy installation - Use alone or behind a cloth curtain of your choice for the perfect combination of function and fashion!

  • STAYS PUT! - Prevents water from leaking out of the shower onto the floor! Keep your curtain from floating up and sticking to you!



  • Durable Triple Layer Vinyl

  • Sewn Hems

  • Nickle-plated Brass Metal Grommets

  • Staph Resistant Tested to ASTM E2149-2001

  • Mold & Mildew Resistant Tested to ASTM G21-13

  • Flame Retardant Tested to NFPA 701-2004 standards

  • COMMERCIAL GRADE SHOWER CURTAINS Anti-Static Prevents the build up of electrostatic charges

  • Textured, fluidproof, easy-to-clean, resistant to stains, tearing, and abrasion




If you are looking for a less rigid and more flexible shower curtain, try our weighted shower curtain that is made of bacteria resistant fabric.  Our Fabric weighted shower curtains are more flexible than this standard vinyl shower curtain.

Fabric Weighted Shower Curtain


Shower Curtains Specifically designed for your Barrier Free Shower.


ADA Weighted Shower Curtain | for Barrier Free Shower | Vinyl


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I deal with a lot of suppliers and you guys are on top of my list after this transaction. Speedy service, great communication and the family atmosphere makes it a no brainer if your tired of the regular supply house ignorance. Thanks again for all your help!

N. Weaver

Product came in a very timely manner but the packaging leaves something to be desired. Thankfully the shower was not damaged. Love the color and it is just as listed in the description. Can't wait to use it.

D. Weseloh
Great Quality

Phone help with Jody was excellent

C. Lynch