60 x 36 Shower Curbless Entry | 5 Day Quick Ship


60 x 36 Shower Curbless Entry | 5 Day Quick Ship

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60 x 36 Shower Curbless Entry | 5 Day Quick Ship

This 60 x 36 Shower has a .75 inch beveled curbless entry (fiberglass). This is a perfect solution for your bathroom remodel project or bath to shower conversion!

Five piece 60 x 36 Shower Package with .75 inch beveled threshold and center drain. Fiberglass shower with "Eight Inch” tile look. Luxurious polyester gelcoat finish. Full plywood backing on all walls for outstanding strength and customized installation of accessories. No mud setting required.

MADE IN USA!  Safety, Beauty and Easy Maintenance!  This is a roll-in shower.  

  • Fiberglass barrier free shower with a tile look. Luxurious polyester gelcoat finish. Full plywood backing on all walls for outstanding strength and customized installation of accessories.
  • Easy, snap-in-place installation from the front of the shower. Self-supporting pre-leveled pan eliminates mud setting.
  • READY TO SHIP PRODUCT | SHIPS IN 5 BUSINESS DAY when ordered on Standard Business Days (M-F) before 12PM EST. 

Quick Tip - This ROLL IN shower has integrated plywood backing! Integrated Plywood makes installing accessible add-ons; like grab bars; a breeze. Safety, Beauty and EZ Maintenance!  

60 x 36 Shower Package Includes:

  • 60" x 36" x 81.25" MULTI-PIECE SHOWER STALL

  • Threshold Height: 0.75" 

  • Standard Color: WHITE  

  • Square Tile Pattern

  • 4 Piece unit that you can easily get into your existing bathroom.

  • Simulated tile pattern and smooth walls 

  • Easy to clean

  • Molded soap ledges 

  • Molded leg ledges 

  • Integrated backing 

  • Lifetime Warranty*

  • Self-supporting pre-leveled bottom eliminates mud setting and drainage issues

  • Shipping Included

Product Spec Sheet
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    Designed and manufactured in compliance with the following standards and codes:

    • I.P.C. International Plumbing Code
    • U.P.C. Uniform Plumbing Code
    • A.N.S.I. Z124.2 Standards for Plastic Showers

      Place Grab Bars Anywhere!  - Plywood Reinforced Walls.

      Quick Specs | Roll-in Shower Stall 

      Pieces: Multi-Piece 5

      8 Inch Tile Pattern

      Drain: Center

      Standard Color: White

      Length: 60 inches

      Depth: 37 Inches

      Height: 81.25 inches

      Curb Height: 0.75 Inch


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      60 x 36 Shower Package Curbless Entry | 24 hr Quick Ship

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      Awesome Customer Service

      I deal with a lot of suppliers and you guys are on top of my list after this transaction. Speedy service, great communication and the family atmosphere makes it a no brainer if your tired of the regular supply house ignorance. Thanks again for all your help!

      N. Weaver

      Product came in a very timely manner but the packaging leaves something to be desired. Thankfully the shower was not damaged. Love the color and it is just as listed in the description. Can't wait to use it.

      D. Weseloh
      Great Quality

      Phone help with Jody was excellent

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