L-shaped Grab Bar | 5 Colors | Vinyl Coat | 449 Pound Capacity


L-shaped Grab Bar | 5 Colors | Vinyl Coat | 449 Pound Capacity

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L-shaped Grab Bar | 5 Colors | Vinyl Coat | 449 Pound Capacity


This L-shaped grab bar is made of antimicrobial zinc-plated steel. Coated with vinyl and BioCote, this grab bar has a superior non-slip surface without sacrificing its antimicrobial properties.


L-Shaped Grab Bar Features:

  • Non-Slippery Vinyl offers a Superior Non-Slip Surface

  • Soft and Warm to the Touch

  • Seamless Shape

  • Fixing Screws and Plugs Included

  • No Electrostatic Charge - Coating Prevents Static Buildup

  • Comes Already Assembled

  • 11 hole mounting flange design makes mounting a breeze.

  • ADA Compliant

  • 449 Pound Capacity


Standard Lead Time 1-2 business days if ordered before 12PM EST.  


Product Spec Sheets:

12 X 24 Left Hand Click Here
12 x 24 Right Hand
Click Here
24 x 48 Left Hand
Click Here
24 x 48 Right Hand
Click Here


Grab bar locations ideas:

  • Grab bars next to a toilet help people using a wheelchair transfer to and from the toilet seat and wheelchair. They also assist people who have difficulty sitting down, balancing while seated, or rising from a seated position.
  • Used in a shower or bathtub, grab bars help to maintain balance while standing or maneuvering, assist in transferring into and out of the enclosure, and generally help to mitigate slips and falls.
  • Floor to ceiling grab bars, or security poles, can be used in the bedroom to help one get out of bed or get up from a chair, or to help caregivers assist in transfers.

Grab bars are often used in conjunction with other medical devices to increase safety. For example, a grab bar added to a shower is frequently used with a shower chair and hand held shower head. Grab bars installed near a doorway are usually added close to a railing. In addition, grab bars can be placed on any wall where extra support is needed even if it is not the "usual place" they are used.

    Biocompatible materials are know for being safe and non-toxic. This L-Shaped Grab Bar is coded with BioCote, a biocompatible material.


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